BodyTalk Access Instruction

Learn to create a healthier you with BodyTalk Access

Monday , October 21 &
Wednesday , October 23
6 - 8:30PM

In this two-session, five-hour workshop you will learn:

5 Simple to learn easy to do self-care techniques

  • balance your brain

  • switch out of fight or flight mode

  • increase your immune function

  • properly hydrate your body

  • balance your entire muscular skeletal system

  • First Aid treatment for injuries and traumas

The techniques taught in this course can profoundly affect a wide range of health challenges as well as serve as an excellent way of maintaining health and optimizing the function of the body.


Heal Acupuncture and BodyTalk Center
1640 Main Street
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54302

Course fee $150

Includes full color BodyTalk Access manual, vegetarian lunch, and snacks
$50 non-refundable deposit is required upon registration.

If taking the course you must also register on the BodyTalk website @@

Call 920.544.5168 or 786.877.9354 or email with questions.

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Calm and Balance with meditation

In this session you will learn how to balance the brain with BodyTalk then learn a simple mindfulness meditation you can use at home to increase calm and awareness. By focusing on the breath and grounding with the body one can develop a keen perspective on the crazy monkey mind. Releasing judgement about ourselves is half the battle.

Monday, November 4,2019 6:30pm-8pm

Please Pre-register with Dr. Judith Seating Limited Suggested donation $10, may include other healing modalities