I am so grateful to have been referred to Dr. Judith. After my first treatment of BodyTalk, acupuncture and cupping, I experienced fewer headache occurrences, shoulder pain relief and most amazing to me, improved digestion. I have now had my second treatment, and again felt totally relaxed and comfortable. Dr Judith is the epitome of professionalism. If the option were there, I would rate her more than five stars!
— Nancy K.

Dr. Judith is Hippocrates’ idea of what doctoring is about: sensitive, caring, with a passion to assist people to heal naturally with an abundance of healing tools unique to each person and Time for listening, implementing and integrating the treatment. Judith skillfully treats the whole person – mind, body, spirit seeking to find the root of dis-ease & effectively gets you on the road to healing and wellness.
— Susan S., Public Health Nurse

I temporarily lost my vision for 4 months. Judith helped me by giving me Acupuncture and BodyTalk treatments, which relaxed me enough to study and resolve the conflicts I was having. She taught me that taking care of my body by eating healthy, sleeping and exercising was most important for healing and regulating my sight and now I can see again.
— Tarl K.

After two years of insomnia, I’ve been sleeping soundly for weeks.
— Carolina S.

Every play is like being in a car accident so you can imagine what I feel like after a game. I feel more relaxed and pain free with the treatment from Judith. I also feel more focused on my game.
— Former Lineman for the Green Bay Packers, Marco R.

I started seeing Judith in November 2017. I had suffered and searched western medical care for physical and mental health relief on and off for 30+ years. Now both my needs are met under her care! My pill cupboard is now only a corner shelf. It includes some natural products recommended by Dr. Judith through Quantum Reflex Analysis, a type of muscle testing, which apparently my mind and body really need because I feel so much better.
— Lori P.

Receiving treatments from Dr. Judith is the absolute best way my mind and body can reset, recharge and renew. Her ability to quickly and completely zone in on what’s out of balance is uncanny and her acupuncture skills are nothing short of miraculous! I highly recommend her.
— Carol C.
I saw Dr. Judith after a rigorous dental appointment that should have left me very sore for a period of time. She worked her usual miracle for me and today I have no discomfort. Wow unbelievable! Thank you so much!